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kayselkiemoon ([personal profile] kayselkiemoon) wrote2009-05-05 06:18 pm
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catching a ride with the moon

hello, Dreamwidth!

I am still figuring my way around here. my intention is to keep my LJ as my primary blog. I'll use this one to keep an eye on things over here, see what happens. I might crosspost my entries on LJ over here, we'll see. meanwhile I have to find out who all has a Dreamwidth account, and whether they shall be using their Dreamwidth only, or duplicate content on both LJ and DW, or split content... *sigh* I'll get there eventually.
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[personal profile] bellchronicles 2009-05-08 10:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Welcome! <333

If it helps, as [personal profile] bell I'll be crossposting everything to LJ, and [personal profile] bellchronicles is DW-only (for now). ^_^